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The school/school board has canceled the December 4, 2021 craft fair

 We have requested March 19 and Dec 3 for 2022, but the school says they will not approve the dates until January, 2022. We'll email registered crafters and wait listers from 2021 and announce our plan on the website as soon as we know for sure what we can do.  About 75% of last years' crafters have preregistered and we'll fill the rest of the spaces once we are more confident that the craft fair will take place with our usual number of spaces, crafters and customers.  Crafters that had signed up for the 2020/2021 winter craft fairs and those on the wait list will be invited first.  We won't add any other names to the wait list until January. 

 We have 162 spaces spread over 3 rooms/2 buildings.  Most spaces are 8'x8', and some have electricity.  Registration fees are $40 for spring, $60 for winter, and we rent 6'x2' tables for $12. Setup is from 5-7 pm on Friday night, and starting at 6:30 on Saturday morning.  Craft fair hours are 9 am - 3 pm.  The school cafeteria is open for coffee and doughnuts in the morning, and we sell lunches as well.  The craft fair is run by the Band Parents Association, a nonprofit group that helps pay expenses for marching band, drumline, indoor percussion and color guard.  Members of those groups assist the crafters in carrying stuff to and from their spaces. 

Normally registration for both craft fairs starts in mid-November for return crafters from the previous year, and December 1st for new crafters.  We put the registration forms on the website on Dec 1.  We take handmade crafts only, and we limit the number of spaces for jewelry, soap, wreaths, and some other crafts so that we don't have too much of the same thing.  Crafters can get one space only, unless they had more than one space in the years before 2013.  Registration is by mail, payment by check. 



 Contact  Carol Evans at or 410-903-4337 for more info. 

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